e-skin: novel energy supply system

The e-skin is a hose consisting of an upper and lower shell that form a sealed tube when connected together. It consists of the polymer material igumid, which was developed specifically for this. The simple, reclosable opening mechanism enables easy maintenance and inspection of the installed cables.  Operating temperature +10 °C / +50 °C. 

Typical applications:

Fast, short, unsupported applications, standing and hanging applications, pick & place, printers, medical technology, all machines where corrugated tubes are used, display and semiconductor production


Advantages of the e-skin compared to conventional corrugated hoses:
1. Mounting brackets: strong, with integrated strain relief
2. Small installation space: small bend radii
3. Cable-friendly: defined minimum bend radius
4. Easy assembly: Upper or lower shell can be opened for easy filling
5. Cleanroom ISO Class 1:virtually no wear or abrasion
6. Reclosable opening mechanism (option): open and close like a zipper
7. Unsupported: Unsupported application due to stop dogs on the upper shell of the e-skin

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Product Name e-skin: novel energy supply system
Name of Chapter Energy Chains®
Name of Sub Chapter Special Solutions
Brand Name Igus Energy Chains

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