Module Connect

The module connect is a new kind of plug-in connector for the connection of electric cables, fibre-optic cables and pneumatic hoses. It can be used anywhere where several or many cables and lines have to be connected in as small a space as possible. Thanks to the simple modular principle, an individual plug-in/disconnect point can be configured as a single module consisting of several connector housings. Each housing can be fitted with up to four different connector inserts.


  • Easily adapt connectors to the geometry of the chain
  • Appropriate housing configurations for every kind of set-up
  • Only as many connectors as are actually needed
  • Strain relief in the housing
  • Space-saving: flat housing
  • Simplification of machine and plant cabling
  • Individual geometry designed to prevent polarity reversal
  • One connector module/one disconnect point, instead of many individual connectors
  • Harnessed and ready to connect as readycable

There are a variety of application possibilities, such as at the fixed end or moving end of a e-chain, between two e-chains or for routing cables into terminal boxes or switch cabinets. 

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Product Name Module Connect
Name of Chapter Energy Chains
Name of Sub Chapter Ready Chain
Brand Name Igus Energy Chains