drylin W exchange

The drylin W linear system gives engineers all over the world maximum flexibility in their design work. For installation size 10, igus has developed a new innovative bearing housing where the linear liner can be replaced on the rail quickly and easily. The possibility of replacement directly on the rail makes the task of mounting linear units or drive units such as toothed-belt axes unnecessary. A practical assembly tool is used to push the old liner out of the housing, clip the new one onto the shaft and push the liner into the housing for a flush fit. Simply clever maintenance.


  • Fast bearing change without disassembly
  • Longer operating times and shorter downtimes
  • High performance due to iglidur J200 for 24/7 operation
  • Silent due to sliding on self-lubricating high-performance polymers
  • Suitable for all round drylin W profile rails (single and double shafts, high profiles)
  • All existing drylin W systems of size 10 with a shaft can be retrofitted with the new type of bearing (incl. guides, linear axes, linear robots)


  1. Release the bearing
  2. Push liner out and replace it

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Product Name drylin W exchange
Name of Chapter drylin
Name of Sub Chapter drylin W
Brand Name igus Bearings

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