Vacuum Technology & Clamping Systems

Treotham is the exclusive distributor for Schmalz products to the New Zealand market.

Vacuum Technology for Automation: The comprehensive range of individual vacuum components includes all the elements needed to set up your own vacuum systems. Ready to connect gripper systems are individually configured by experienced system consultants.

Vacuum Technology for Robots: Small and light robots with payloads of up to 25 kilograms are becoming increasingly popular in numerous applications, even in small and medium-sized companies. After all, they are much cheaper than classic industrial robots, can be programmed without specialist knowledge and can work hand in hand with people as so-called cobots. Tailor-made gripper systems are the prerequisite for the robots being able to be flexibly adapted to almost any task. Treotham offers Schmalz grippers and vacuum generators for all common cobots and lightweight robots on the market, providing individual and optimum solutions for a wide range of applications - easy to select, easy to integrate.

Vacuum Clamping Systems: Schmalz clamping solutions are used for a wide range of machining and assembly tasks. With vacuum power, components made from wood, metal, glass or plastic are fixed securely and without distortion.

Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems: Vacuum lifters provide an ergonomic working environment. They help prevent health problems caused by lifting and moving heavy loads. Schmalz offers vacuum lifters with perfectly coordinated crane systems made of aluminum components. Also as a stand-alone solution, the modern crane system provides numerous advantages for your benefit. The crane systems are particularly responsive and support the ergonomic work.

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