Fluid Sensors

Wenglor’s fluid sensor technology covers a broad range of more than 900 products including flow, pressure and temperature sensors. Flow sensors ascertain the speed at which liquid media flow within closed systems and determine temperature as well. Pressure sensors measure the relative pressure of any desired media in closed systems. Temperature sensors determine the temperature of liquid and gaseous media, and permit reliable temperature monitoring within processes.

weFlux² flow and temperature sensors are equipped with a rugged V4A stainless steel housing with integrated analysis module. The FDA-compliant sensors intentionally refrain from the use of a display in order to be ideally suited for strict requirements in hygienically sensitive industrial areas. weFlux² Sensors are EHEDG-certified in combination with selected process connectors.

UniFlow, UniBar and UniTemp sensors are extremely user-friendly thanks to their uniform design, control and connection concepts. In particular the large 7-segment display ensures easy, intuitive Operation.

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