Two Hand Relays

Two-Hand Control Monitoring Safety Relays are designed todetect faults in two-hand controls, wiring, and contactors safety circuits. These relays provide switching action as an intermediate relay.

On machines which have a high potential for injury, e.g. presses, shearing and punching machines with two hand controls, both of the operator's hands must be located outside the hazardous area before the hazardous machine movement can be initiated.

In order to protect the operating personnel, it is necessary that the two hand control is operated with both hands simultaneously within a time window of 500 ms, in order to operate the machine or to keep the machine in an operational state.

Treotham offers a range of Wieland and Pilz Safety Two-hand modules. . All two-hand Safety relays are suitable for Safety Category 4/Pl e as per EN ISO 13849 and Type III C safety requirement as per EN 574.

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