Fire Barrier Solutions

Treotham Automation offers PMA's double and single sided fire barrier solutions for cable protection systems. Cables and wires within a cable protection system can be fed through a fire wall without loss of integrity and to prevent the spread of fire from one room to the next. If a fire occurs, the transport of the fire, heat and fumes can be blocked by the fire barrier adapters that use an intumescent material fixed within the adapter.

The flexible EN 45545-3 compliant fire barrier solutions are to be used in combination with it's proven cable protection systems.

PMA fittings using strain relief cable clamping elements from Pflitsch have been available for many years. Special fire resistant Pflitsch clamping elements are now available which when integrated into a PMA fitting provide a secure and effective barrier against fire, smoke and gas for up to 15 minutes.

PMA has also developed an adapter including intumescent material which can be built into a Roxtec sealing system. Roxtec sealing modules are well known and proven in rail and ship building construction for decades. The specially designed PMA adapter fits perfectly into a Roxtec module providing a sealed System.

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