EMC System

The EMCFIX series covers connectors for optimum connecting solutions for screened cables or screening braids. In combination with metal braids of the EMC product line, control and signal cables are shielded from external disturbances. Disturbance influences as electro magnetic fields and electrical impulses are conducted via the screening braids and the EMCFIX connectors to the housing.

EMCFIX connectors are made of nylon and nickel-plated aluminium or brass and extend the classic cable protection system of connector and conduit with the screening component. The quick and simple installation of the PMA system will not be affected by these additional components. The 360° clamping feature of the braids guarantees high safety, e.g. for short-circuit currents. High screening effect and low coupling resistance characterise the system. The connectors offer excellent screening values to follow the EU guidelines.

If PMA products are used in conjunction with non PMA products, all product liability claims will be rejected.

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