Special Solutions For Long Travels

Rol E-chain
Conventionally designed E-Chain® types are operated in the glide mode on long travel lengths. The reason for developing the Rol E-Chain® has been the necessity to extend the technical limit of this operating mode. The requirements for E-Chain® on long travels have steadily increased in recent years. Travels of above 400 meters likewise pose new challenges such as extreme travel speeds in crane systems at cable loads up to 50 kg/m.

Increasing demands on long travels applications called for a completely new design of energy chain. In particular the crane building sector places increasing demands on travel distances, high fill weights, special and high travel speeds whilst operating quietly at the same time. igus fulfils these requirements with the P4 system.

Advantages of the P4 system:
Pitch of the chain links with and without roller is the same. The upper run rollers run through the lower run rollers, not over them. This avoids undesired bumps Roller "undetachably" integrated in side plate.

Long distances (up to 800 m), high additional loads (up to 30 kg/m)
For very long travel distances and high speeds up to 10 m/s travel speed
AUTO-GLIDE crossbars ensure safe guidance on very long travel distances
Available in 4 inner heights (32, 42, 56, 80 mm)
Modular P4 construction kit with shelving from the E4 system
Strong reduction of the driving force required for moving the Energy Chain to below 25%

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